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Your CV in 5 simple steps

Thanks to our artificial intelligence technology, you can create personalized CVs at will, perfectly tailored to each job offer. Our advanced technology guides you towards tailor-made applications. Simple, fast, efficient – focus on the essentials, your next interview:



Enter your information and desired position

Enter the essential information for your CV, such as your first name, last name, and email address. You can also optionally add your postal address and phone number. More details will help recruiters and facilitate their contact. Then, specify the title of the position you are applying for. A CV with more details will be better suited and have more impact with recruiters.


Describe your work experiences

Describe your work experiences by entering the job title, company name, as well as start and end dates. You also have the option to add a brief description. Although this is optional, we recommend adding some details to properly tailor your CV. To add an experience, simply click on "add an experience" and if you want to delete it, click on the trash icon in the top right corner.


Enter your education

Indicate your education by entering the name of the institution, the degree obtained, as well as the start and completion dates. You also have the option to describe your education by mentioning your main subjects and acquired skills. To add another education, simply click on "add education". To delete it, use the trash icon in the top right corner.


Add your skills

Mention your skills by entering those you want to display on your CV and selecting your level of mastery. To add an additional skill, click on "add a skill". To delete it, use the trash icon. Remember that the more details you add, the more optimal the customization will be.


Choose your template

To enrich your CV customization experience, discover our range of diverse professional templates. Choose the one that best suits your profile and is most suitable for the company you are applying to.

The complete tool for your job search

CreatResumeCV helps you achieve your goals by providing a convenient and tailored platform for your job search needs.
From creating your CV or cover letter to managing your applications, we support you at every step of your search.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CreatResumeCV answers all your questions about automatic cover letter generation via AI.

What are the benefits of creating my CV with AI on CreatResumeCV?

CreatResumeCV offers you a simple, fast, and efficient CV creation experience thanks to the use of artificial intelligence. Our platform allows you to generate professional CVs, unlimitedly, in just a few steps, saving you valuable time in your job search.

Can I edit my CV once it is created?

Yes, on CreatResumeCV, you have total flexibility to edit your CV at any time. With our user-friendly editor, you can easily update your CV according to your evolving needs. Whether you want to make minor adjustments or significant changes, our platform gives you the freedom to customize your CV according to your preferences and the specific requirements of the desired position.

How many CVs can I create on CreatResumeCV?

On CreatResumeCV, we believe in giving you every possible opportunity to succeed in your job search. That's why we offer you the possibility to create an unlimited number of CVs. Whether you are applying for different jobs, want to experiment with different CV styles, or simply need to regularly update your CV, our platform allows you to do so without any restrictions. You can explore as many options as necessary to present your experience, skills, and qualifications in the most effective and convincing way possible.

Will my CV be unique using CreatResumeCV?

Yes, when you create your CV on CreatResumeCV, you can be assured that it will be unique and personalized to your image. Our platform offers a diverse range of professional CV templates that you can customize according to your preferences and style. Additionally, our integrated artificial intelligence guides you through the creation process, providing relevant suggestions to optimize your content. With CreatResumeCV, your CV will stand out for its originality, clarity, and professionalism, helping you attract the attention of recruiters and secure job opportunities.

How can I download my CV once it is completed?

Downloading your finalized CV on CreatResumeCV is a simple and convenient process. Once you have finished creating and refining your CV using our user-friendly editor, you can download it at any time by simply accessing your personal space on our platform. From there, you will have the option to view and download your CV in PDF or Word format, according to your preferences. Whether for applying to a job online, sending it by email, or printing it for an in-person interview, you have quick and easy access to your CV wherever you are.

Does CreatResumeCV guarantee the confidentiality of my data?

Absolutely, at CreatResumeCV, the confidentiality and security of your data are top priorities. We understand the importance of protecting your personal and professional information, which is why we implement rigorous measures to ensure the security of all data you share with us. Our platform is secured by advanced encryption protocols, and we comply with data privacy regulations such as GDPR. You can rest assured knowing that your information is in good hands when you use CreatResumeCV to create your CV online.